Endgame Monolith Guide For New Players In Patch 8.5e

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Endgame Monolith Guide For New Players In Last Epoch Patch 8.5e - YouTube

In this video I go over a very basic explanation of the Monolith of Fate, how to get there, what to do when you get there, how to get to Empowered Monoliths, how corruption works, and everything that came in the last few hotfixes including bonus stability and Gaze of Orobyss.

Rough Written Guide :

Hello, this is Dr3ad from Epoch Builds and in today’s forum topic we are going to go over a very common question…how does the monolith of fate work? This is going to be a quick overview of the system in its entirity, mainly aimed at newer players wanting to hop into the game and to know how it all works, as time and time again I tell someone about empowered monoliths and they are like empowered what?.

So we are going to do this step by step. Step number 1 is getting to the End of Time. End of Time is reached around level 20 after killing the final boss of the Ruined Era, i.e. the Ruined Emperor’s Corpse. When you kill him you will take a portal to the End of Time, a hub for the game, which includes Chronomancer Lerinne, which allows you to respec your passive points for gold.
Annya the Blacksmith allows you to buy runes of shattering for yourself, which is very helpful early on in your progression.
Then we have Artem the Gambler. He is great for gambling for items under level 40. He can gamble decent bases early on, and is decent up until you can farm monoliths easily.
We then have 2 stashes, one near Artem, and then one near the Target Dummy.
The Target Dummy is next the second stash, and is a great way of testing your damage out.
Now the only thing left is the Monolith of Fate. We enter it with the entrance in the upper right of the End of Time waypoint. You will cross a bridge to your first destination.
Fall of the Outcasts is the level 58 monolith, and your first mission to work on.
In the upper right is the bridge to the level 66 monolith, the Black Sun, and the left bridge goes to the level 62 monolith, the Stolen Lance.

To unlock these bridges and progress, you must finish the Fall of The Outcasts questline, which involves killing the Abomination, a huge necrotic fleshy minion dude.
If you just got here you will only have the 58 zone active, and you will unlock the level 100 version later down the line.

To start an echo, simply right click on one. You can hover over them and it will tell you the modifiers, reward for completing the echo, and the stability you get when finishing the echo’s objective. It will also tell you the tileset of the echo you will enter.
You can only go to echoes that you can link to, and a check mark will appear on already completed ones.

Each echo has a special marking on them, that tells you what rewards they bring. Some give exalted items, rare items, gold, xp and unique/set items. Stability will be rewarded on completing the echo, and also for killing monsters in the monolith which is tracked by the bonus stability meter while inside the echo. The farther away you are from the center of the monolith, the more rare echo nodes spawn, the more stability they grant, and the larger the numbers on the modifiers, including rarity.

Each Timeline has special unique/set item nodes that will spawn randomly in that specific timeline, and for Fall of the Outcasts it has Unique/Set Quivers and Bow echo rewards. If you want to see if your item you want can be farmed in one of these timelines, simply look at the item in Last Epoch Tool Planner and it will tell you where you need to be for it.

On top of normal echoes, there are some special echo nodes that we need to talk about.
The first you will probably encounter is a beacon monolith, which will be a new kind of objective, that has an infinitely spawning wave of void enemies to try to stop you from lightning it. If you stand in the AoE, it will charge, and if you do not it will not charge. Once you reach 100, the beacon will kill all the void enemies it spawned, then it will reveal an area around it, showing you all the possible paths you can go and their rewards. Beacons are great for scouting better opportunities, and are almost always worth doing.

The second kind of echo is an “Echo of a World”. When you enter it, it will have you fight one of the premier bosses of Last Epoch, the Shade of Orobyss which comes in many different flavors, and has a randomized skill set. Once completed you will gain or lose corruption, and you will also reset your Echo web so you may continue the process again. The farther your Orobyss is from the center, more corruption you will gain from each kill. We will talk about how to best use this to your advantage, I have linked a video down below explaining it in more detail.

The next special echo is the Vessel of Memory. It will have you finish an objective, killing a Blue Pillar, which will then uncomplete any echo in your monolith, allowing you to go back and do all of them again, which is a great way to get more rewards of a specific type multiple times.

The last special echo is Vessel of Chaos. This is the same as Vessel of Memory but red. It will take all your uncompleted echoes and randomize them again, allowing you to try to roll for better rewards.

Now when you complete echoes, you will gain Stability, which is then used on the track to the end boss. When it reaches full, you can do the 3 side missions in the upper right, which are just a questline, which a boss at the end. Finished the first 2, kill the boss, and a few things happens. You will drop one of their boss uniques. These uniques are influenced by the rarity mod inside your monolith, so if you have an item that has a 10% drop chance from a boss, if you have 500% increased rarity, it will now drop with a 60% chance. Trying to get as many mods as possible on your boss when you kill it is key to farming your desired unique item. Once finished, Fall of The Outcasts it will give you a choice, unlock the level 62 zone, or the level 66 path. If you want to get to the final endgame of Last Epoch quicker, I’d suggest the level 66 route, as it will be the quickest. You will also get to choose a blessing, which is a stat based benefit that is global for your character, these are very powerful and definitely worth farming great ones.

Now the fun part begins. You will need to repeat this process again, all the way up to Reign of Dragons, the level 85 zone. After you complete this monolith, you will go to a center area between 3 different bridges. These are the 3 level 90 monolith timelines, and you can complete them in any order. Once you complete all 3, you can go back to the center and unlocked empowered monoliths. You need to click this crystal, and it will unlock the level 100 zones for every monolith.

Now Empowered Monoliths, what are they? What do they do? Why should you farm them?
Empowered Monoliths come with a few benefits. You will no longer need to finish the first 2 timeline echo quests before the boss, as they are now optional. You can now just simply skip to the boss, which is now the level 100 version you fought before.

You will also be able to much more easily scale corruption. Corruption is a stat that raises as you kill Shades of Orobyss’s, which will raise the base stats of the echo while also making modifiers more potent, give you much more item rarity, allowing you to drop more exalteds than normal. You are also unlimited to how much corruption you may push, unlike the prior monoliths. This means there is little to no point to scale corruption outside of Empowered Monoliths, which I advise against.

You also unlock the Gaze of Orobyss Mechanic, which makes it so that when you kill a timeline specific boss you gain a stack of Gaze. This will make it so the next orobyss you kill will grant extra corruption. Gaze stacks can stack indefinitely, but diminishing returns start after your 3rd stack, so its most effiecent to kill 3 timeline bosses, then kill an orobyss to push corruption fast. You will lose these stacks if you initiate an orobyss fight and die, incentivising you to play good builds to push corruption faster. If you portal out though, it will not remove your stacks, which means you can pretty much choose which orobyss you want to do, which is nice.

Empowered timeline bosses drop a larger pool of uniques, and have a new pool of empowered blessings, which are just straight upgrades to the unempowered ones. These are worth grinding for, as they have huge benefits. You get a choice from 4, which normal monoliths only get to choose 3. You also get a 5th choice at 200 corruption, which raises your chances of seeing your desired blessing significantly.

Also in empowered timelines, the chances for rarer nodes like Vessels, unique/set echo rewards, exalted rewards and stability go up immensly, as well as rarity per echo.
Orobyss also changes slightly, you have his larger pool of uniques, including Omnis which can only drop at 200+ Corruption. He also becomes way more difficult with the scaling modifiers.

So pretty much Empowered monoliths are the peak endgame of Last Epoch and are 100% worth rushing for, but how much corruption should I be aiming for? Well to put it into Path of Exile terms, 100 corruption is like the beginning of endgame, white maps. While 300-400 corruption is like reaching red maps, and thats about when the difficulty and the speed of your progression meet. If you go higher, you will need a much stronger build to push fast enough to beat someone doing 300 corruption faster than you. If you go lower, then you won’t scale stability enough or get enough rare echo nodes to beat out someone at 300-400 corruption. So overall staying around 300 is a good idea, and most builds I create on the channel are focused on reaching this point in endgame.
If you want to stay at a specific corruption, just simply do orobyss’s near your monolith center, as it will subtract corruption instead of add, allowing you to do a few more corruption orobyss’s then rinse and repeat. There is a sweet spot you will start to learn, when juggling your corruption near 300.

So hopefully this has been an educational enough for a new player. If you have questions, ask below! I don’t mind answering them. I plan on talking about specific endgame strategies later on, where I talk about Corruption pushing, boss farming and Vessel Strats.
If you learned something, leave a like, and subscribe to the channel. If you are just starting your journey into Last Epoch, my channel is the perfect place for LE news, build guides and much much more! With all that being said, this has been Dr3ad from Epoch Builds, off to make more builds!


This is great, thank you for taking the time to do this. I havent played the game in a year and have yet to experience the end game, this is very insightful!

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Thank you! I will try to make an updated video when they make any big changes!


Sounds good, I lurk a lot despite not playing and the mechanics of monoliths are a little intimidating when you havent tried it. This really did explain some of the nuances that confused me previously. Thank you again!

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