Endgame Content in Last Epoch

Can someone advise if Last Epoch will have end game as Arena and Monolith are no endgame at all it is lame excuse for lack of ideas taken from few already dead games which tried those like Inquisitor Martyr. Monolith - no point killing monsters kill boss go out?!? Arena boring after 1 h game.

Full Endgame systems haven’t been implemented yet. Monoliths still have features planned that aren’t implemented, and I highly recommend taking a look at this page for planned end game systems: https://lastepochgame.com/end-game-systems/

Arena also wasn’t planned as an endgame system, it was implemented as a filler and has been “surprisingly popular” according to the devs. What we currently have is incredibly basic system-wise and if the devs decide to keep it we should expect iterations on it in order to improve enjoyability, playability, and sustainment as an endgame system.

Please remember that Last Epoch is in Phase 2 of the planned development roadmap as shown here: Early Access Development Forecast. There are still many missing portions of the game, and we can expect a large amount of content to be developed between now and the current Q4 2020 release date.

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Since i just read this rather uhm… critical comment about the current endgame, i wanted to say, that i wholeheartedly disagree with it.

For me the current endgame is already more fun than PoE, because i don’t have to spend half an hour rolling maps and preparing sextants, scarabs and fragments before i can finally start to play. I also prefer it over the pure boss-smacking in GD. (GDs leveling is very fun though imo.)

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