End of Time bugged [0.9.1]


I noticed that trying to enter the End of Time is bugged.

I have 3 characters, two of which are doing monoliths and one campaign. I could not enter the game with the two that are high level (which by default would have been teleported to the End of Time) - keep getting the dreaded “Connecting” error/timeout.

With the low level character I reached the Mastery choice which requires me to enter the End of Time - at which point I got stuck, cannot teleport (just like the infinite connecting error/timeout).

Can confirm, I made a character yesterday before the patch and played til the first town. I was able to log in and play up to defeating the boss that newly takes you to the End of Time in 0.9.1, I get an infinite message saying Entering End of Time, but it never resolves.

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