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End Game Progression?

Hello, I was wondering if anything has every been said about end game progression. In typical cases, something accumulates (often times infinitely) in the end game. An example of this is Diablo 3’s paragon system. Then there are end games that just take a long time (unless you brain off or no life it) to complete like Wolcen’s city building thing.

As of now, at the end game players are look forward to perfecting their gear (which seems more like a means to an end rather than a real goal), reaching the highest corruption in monoliths, or highest round in arena. The latter two of which sound mostly like bragging rights things. I haven’t been keeping track of development particularly much, but has anything else been announced as far as things to do during end game?

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I think paragon systems, like the ones found in Diablo 3 and Chronicon, are great ways to maintain player investment.

As someone who typically only has time to invest into one character, I like being able to progress as far as possible with that single character.

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Agreed, running monoliths over and over again just to get loot and 1 passive point is boring

It looks like the ‘Favor System’ will be a kind of meta progression system that we’ll be seeing in the future. There aren’t many details about it though, including what kinds of progression we can expect, or how to earn it. Most of what has been said about it has been on developer streams, and that admittedly hasn’t been much aside from the fact that it will be meta progression that is independent of character XP (as far as I recall).

That could be interesting. The favour system in Grim Dawn allowed for the player to align with specific factions and gain experience with them passively from playing. It allowed the player to buy unique faction-specific gear and abilities - perhaps we could expect something similar? Either way, I am looking forward to hearing more about the system.

The devs already talked about this and for the moment there is no system planned with “ifninite leveling beyond max level”.

There are more systems planned such as a favor system as already pointed out, but most of these systems will come into play in parlallel to some of the other regular progression like gear and levels.

The devs don’t want the “The game truely begins after reach maximum level” mentality.
Reaching the max level is not something that is considered the standard and its ok to not reach level 100.

That’s why they also talked about possibly making reaching lvl 100 even harder than it is right now.

I agree with the idea that having the game beginning after max level isn’t very fun, and quite honestly, I wouldn’t mind 100 being even harder to reach than it is now so long as nothing that is fun or that I’d look forward to is gated by being level 100 or high level in general. To be more specific, I don’t want to feel "I have to grind 40 more hours of this to be able to do what I really want to do.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with being able to interact with “end game” systems as as early as level 1. Let’s take the favor system for example. Maybe we could gain favor from fighting level 1 mobs as we start the game. Even if we can’t use the favor yet, it makes the game feel feature rich at the trade off of being more confusing to newer players.

If I had to characterize my ideal end game system, it wouldn’t be like D3’s paragon. It constantly makes me feel like I’m progressing, which is nice, but it doesn’t feel very meaningful in reality unless you’re hard grinding the game (which might be why most D3 players as of now bot or spend 8+ hours in a day grinding. not much room for casual play). I think something more beneficial for the casual players as well as the hardcore players would be a bit better. I’m not sure how valuable this input is, but maybe someone can use it :slight_smile:

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Yeah the favor system not being directly tied to xp means we should probably be thinking about it more along the lines of a meta progression system from PoE or possibly the grim dawn system mentioned earlier instead of the D3 paragon system. It looks like even D4 is going away from that system with the Paragon Board, which seems to have a definitive end at some point.