End game progression for me is a pain

so i made it to the first major end game boss and got one or two shot then loss all my progress getting to it. i thought loosing all my progress on one boss was bad but loosing the entire quest chains worth of progress. it would be nice if i didn’t have to A. do this in one sitting and B. not have to start the whole quest chain over if i fail.


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There are a couple of threads discussing the same concerns you have. The good news is that the devs have already come out and stated their intention to address those matters in a future patch.

Do note you do not have to complete a monolith run in one sitting: provided you complete an Echo, you should be able to quit the game and restart where you left off.

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I Agree. I really dislike losing progress on death and having to start over, that’s why I play softcore. I don’t always get a lot of time to play and if I spend a couple of hours working towards the boss and then die and have to start over, well that’s just not fun for me.

With my lvl 96, I needed 55 total monoliths to fight Rahyah twice. 55 cake walk monoliths mind you. Mind numbing and No challenge what-so-ever. In fact in those 55 total monoliths I don’t think I bothered to use a potion once. Then I get to Rahyah and despite having 78% fire protection and the 100 percent void damage conversion to fire offered by Amulet of Orien… I die so quickly that I barely have enough information on how to approach the next try.
I think what I am lacking is a movement skill that does NOT require a Target. While I have two movement skills (lunge and smite) they require a target and the last thing I need to do is lunge at Rahyah when he’s standing in the middle of the muck that is going to kill me.

So I gave up. I parked him. I grabbed my lvl 67 lightning blast mage and just walked unopposed through the lvl 55 monoliths and quests until I got to the abomination fight. My lightning damage percent is somewhere around 600%. I couldn’t sit still. I had to keep moving. I have the teleport port skill. My strategy was to move from corner to corner and apply my dot because I couldn’t afford to stop. Anyways I never made it around the 4 corners, and failed to kill a single one of those “things” in the corner.

Now, because of hot fix I’m getting xp (which I appreciate) and I’m leveling at least BUT… now I’m lvl 70. The wand have is lvl 70, and while it does have tier 5 lightning damage, i do have one stat that is pointless for my build. So I’d like to find another one. I will not find another one in the monoliths because the monoliths are lvl 55. My only hope is the Golden Chests which can drop loot based on your current level (and not the level of the monolith you just finished).

My options now are 1) gamble 2)Arena

I loath doing both. So now, quite simply I’m not having fun. I’m having frustration.

I can’t even farm for that wand with my lvl 96 FG because he is stuck in the lvl 68 monoliths (and the wand is a lvl 70).

I’m caught in this weird place in the game where the required content is boring, too easy, and not dropping level appropriate loot, only to get kicked in the groin by a boss I can’t gear for anymore (at least not by doing the REQUIRED monoliths).

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Must be great to actually get to the endgame boss. My instances just crash forcing my to close the game and lose all my progress. Its happened 3x now. once after 17th mof, then 13th and just now the 12th. so infuriating!!!

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I’m nowhere near the “end game boss” I’m struggling with the bosses en route to the end game boss.

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