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End-game: how will it be?

Hi there. End-game in any game is very important since is the place where people will be most of the time. PoE has maps, Diablo has rift, so I wanted to ask how the end-game of Last Epoch looks like. From the FAQ:

    • [QUOTE]
    • Monolith of Fate: Fight the chaos of the void in fragmented timelines, strange incomprehensible horrors lurking with great rewards to be gained. Timelines close behind you, never to be seen again. (procedurally generated, high risk – high reward)[/QUOTE]
Will it be like maps in PoE?
    • [QUOTE]
    • Gates of Memorium: Re-explore the world of Eterra, all enemies you fought before ready to be challenged again[/QUOTE]
Is this some kind of acts like in PoE (previous versions)? I mean the same 3 acts but more difficult (Normal, Cruel, Merciless).

Thanks in advance.

Hello! We agree that endgame is massively important and I’m happy to clarify:

Will [Monolith of Fate] be like maps in PoE?
That is a very apt comparison! It won't be exactly like maps, but the Monolith system does take heavy inspiration from not only that system but also Diablo 3's Greater Rifts, Bloodborne's Chalice Dungeons, and more! The main focus of the Monolith content will be heavy randomization but we also intend to mix in a variety of short questlines that will be completable within certain Monolith zones to help flesh out the alternate timelines they illustrate. With this system, we will be able to guide players through zones and stories that they would not have been able to see during the main campaign in addition to more traditional randomized content.
Is [Gates of Memorium] some kind of acts like in PoE (previous versions)? I mean the same 3 acts but more difficult (Normal, Cruel, Merciless).
The Gate of Memorium bears a faint resemblance to these type of difficulty systems but it is far more oriented to endgame. Your first pass through the main campaign will give you full access to the endgame systems, no replays required! The Gates of Memorium will allow you to tackle the locations from the endgame which will be scaled to your level, this will give the player a more deterministic option for endgame farming. If a player favors a certain area's aesthetics or is on the hunt for a drop from a particular enemy, they will be able to farm these areas without a loss to progression.

I hope this answered your questions! If you have any others feel free to ask!

Thank you Kyle. It looks so promising.

Very promising indeed!

I like that answer!

Good to hear the end game is being worked at this stage of the game, very promising.

Good to hear that end game is important. Please try to find a balance between end game objectives and have a few which need to be grinded to obtain (i.e. D2 Torch/Anni) and also others which can be casually obtained with 10-ish hours worth of game time.

Bottom line: do not make it too easy, but maybe avoid D3 initial Inferno difficulty :slight_smile:

It’s great to see that the development team is taking end game seriously, I like a challenge at the end of my challenge!

Sounds very good,

Please have an option for a ‘no-trade’ server with drop rate adjusted for those who like to find their own gear and not have the game revolve around some in-game or 3rd party auction house.

That sounds like a Solo Self Found (SSF) mode like they have in Path of exile. It could be interesting to have in the future.

We have lots of people who enjoy solo self found (SSF) modes and it is for sure on our radar. One nice thing about SSF in PoE is that you can switch your character over to the general population if you want. If we were to allow this same movement between leagues then we would not adjust drop rates for SSF. If it was a permanent locked into SSF mode then we might look at adjusting drop rates.

I view SSF the same way I view Hardcore: it’s an option that’s offered for bragging rights that you don’t have to choose. Even without the ability to migrate a character, I would be opposed to a difference in drop rates.

I’m in favor of hardcore and SSF modes. I love each of them :slight_smile: Also sounds like good plans for end-game so far. It’s nice to hear there should be more than one option; games that lock you into one option for end-game can lose their luster quicker than desired.

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