End Game Feedback

First, going to open with I really love the game. Best ARPG on the market.

I am closing in on 80 hours played…probably paltry compared to some of you more serious gamers but I feel it’s enough to warrant some feedback.

Campaign was great and early monoliths were great.

Empowered Monoliths:
I am halfway through level 95 and I did some target farming for a unique my build needed in the empowered monolith. I enjoy mixing in dungeons and corruption building/monolith farming.

I think empowered monolith corruption should be for all empowered monoliths. I built one up to 156 (i know git guud blah blah blah) due to said target farming of a unique. To mix it up I then went to other empowered monoliths and they were at 100.

Now the corruption grind is a pretty serious grind for most players I would guess. My original goal was to get to about 300-400 and say that’s good enough. I don’t need to or want to spend the time to push 1000 or anything as I don’t play competitively.

I then went to my next empowered monolith to farm an empowered blessing and realized it was all at 100…yuck. It was too easy now and I quickly got bored.

Sharing Corruption between monoliths would be an improvement in the opinion of this semi-casual player but not ultra-casual.

The forge system is pretty neat. Overall, well done.

I will just say that due to the very large number of affixes/pre-fixes it is an incredible grind to get 3 or 4 good ones. Rune of Removal is so random that when you finally get something with 2 or 3 decent rolls and you try to fix the 4th it just extracts the wrong thing and ruins the item.

I believe crafting could be improved with a rare drop type rune that allows you to remove a specifix affix.

I also think there should be a prefix/suffix choice added to rune of removal. You can select prefix or suffix and let it randomly do it’s thing.

This leaves some RNG in play but also keeps you going as you can more consistently get the occasional upgrade.

At level 95, I am moving to an alt because it has been 4 days with nothing of consequence showing up and when it does it has some affix I can’t use and removal has failed every time. In addition, each monolith requiring a corruption grind is a little on the boring side.

Random things:
The loot filters are a little to complex for me - stuck using the ones available on guides and not really capable of editing it further. Would like to be it simplified and not only for coding professionals - it’s wildly complex.

Please make keys auto pickup and go to their own special place like the crafting mats.

Please make crafting mats auto go to the special place and not have to click transfer materials all the time.

Overall A+ game though, just a few thoughts from this new player.

Well, unlike POE, in Last Epoch u have limited interactions with the item in crafting. The RNG sometimes helps u and sometimes don’t. There are a lot of items that I crafted with all capped affixes and they still had like 30 Forging Potential, and there many many more that I couldn’t get most of the affixes to tier 4 bc my Forging Potential just evaporated. I think it is intentional. If u could get what u wanted from every forged item, then the game would be boring and the content would end sooner.