Enchant Weapon 'Searing Conflagration' does not work vs Lagon

As the title says, this is a pretty big deal for many ignite builds, as we are losing out on a 200% ignite burst dmg.

This is probably due to Lagon’s base being so far out of range of the player that it doesn’t work with any procs (not that this is one, but it’ll be using the base of his model to determine whether he’s “in range” or not).

Well, good thing the game is still in development so they can fix it. There’s no reason for someone to magically do zero damage to a boss with a maxed out skill.

Yeah, it’s a known and longstanding issue (though not a bug per se).

Hopefully a Dev actually fixes the bug.

Bump, it’s still not fixed to this day.

There’s no need to bump it, this has been an issue for years (I think).

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