Enchant weapon nod "conduit" not working (?)

The nod “conduit”, which is intented to zap enemys every 2 second or so, doesnt zap it for me. Neither when I`m using Basic melee attack, nor when doing Nothing, and seemingly not when im using shatter strike (theres so much going on I wouldnt see it I guess). But other zap skills (like from static) I do see, so I guess its not working.

And if it is working, but only on melee hit, then please make it work passively so that it works while you run, while you stand still, or use other abilities etc. (which is the intented way I assume).

Thanks and cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve confirmed this bug internally. The node is supposed to Zap an enemy every 2 seconds while Enchant Weapon is active, no other action is required.


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