Enchant weapon bug

I have kindling blade node spec’d for enchant weapon but it doesn’t automatically activates.



Just came here looking for info on this. Running into this issue too.

I’m running a lightning specced, CDR/ward/attack speed/crit focused spellblade with a culnivars atm. my CDR has enchant weapons cooldown at around 13.5 secconds right now (was less, around 10 seconds I believe, but I took off some CDR because of the current issues) with max duration of 9 seconds on buff. sometimes when I’m in combat it feels like the game still treats the cooldown as 15 seconds, where the cooldown is done and the white dot shows up above the ability bar, I have mana, but it will still take a couple more seconds to cast. plus if that window happens to pass when culnivars drains my mana, then it seems like it waits another 15 second cycle which is really frustrating. Again, it seems to only happen when in combat. when just idling, it seems to respect CDR and mana issues.

edit: Decided to go ahead and make some vids showcasing the issue and set up for my character. If there’s an issue with the youtube links, lemme know, I’ve never uploaded anything before.

Skill and passive setup: Skill setup and passives - YouTube

Gear and stats: Gear and stats - YouTube

Gameplay example: Gameplay example of Enchant Weapon's Kindling Blade's auto cast being erratic - YouTube

last edit: videos back up, gonna bump for devs. since posting this, I’ve taken culnivars off, and the issue doesnt happen as much, but still occurs

bumping up sorry for being a nuisance.

Bumping again, seems kindling blade isn’t working at all right now. reported in game as well, but keeping this alive since I referenced it in my bug report.

Bumping. Also, I’m fairly certain the skill isn’t working at all at the moment.

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yep happend to me also
I test this bug with 2 of my spellblade

one character just don’t autocast the Enchantweapon
other one would proc autocast just at town (cooldown being cycling though you can’t use it), but always disabled while entering a battle scene

a strange bug huh

I have this bug as well. I have tried to remove the point and add it back it and it didn’t change anything.

It doesn’t work for me either.
It definitely seems to be a bug.
Node not working properly is a big problem.
However, I think the developer may not be aware that it has not been fixed for 3 months.

they don’t even make it listed as a bug to fix, like what we saw in the patch notes

the way to fix this now, is cancel ur kindling blade node, use whatever tools to stuck the key, so you can achieve autocasting while getting one bouns node in the tree

I like the work around, but man, we shouldn’t have to that to get a node to work properly. Hopefully this is fixed before 1.0 drops.

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