Empowered only boss drops question

Is there a minimum level of corruption required to add empowered only drops to a timeline boss’ loot table (beyond the base 100 corruption)?

I have a bit of a Pokémon syndrome when it comes to uniques and am struggling to fill out my collection even with some that are not listed on last epoch tools as “rare”

Just leaves me wondering if I need to push more corruption to unlock them or if it’s a simple matter of not offering g a pleasing enough sacrifice to the rng.

Oops. Looking again, it appears I misread the item database and those empowered only rewards are, in fact, rare. The question still stands, but at least I figured out that I’m still an idiot.

This information was taken from the 0.8.3 patch notes and I added it to the CGG last patch:

There is no minimum level of corruption needed for either the third (though it is Empowered specific) or fourth boss specific drops to drop. However, their drop chance scales with the Timeline’s increased item rarity which is increased by both corruption and the enemy modifiers you have active in that Timeline prior to fighting the Timeline boss.

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