Empower all timelines

I would like to be able to empower all monos not 90+ so I can have more grinding options.

It is fun to fight all the bosses and have them remain a challenge even after you upgrade your character.

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Isnt that called masochist mode?

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Maybe I should check out that mode but its more than that.

If the first round of monos are a little more casual, then it is a smoother progression into the harder content. Once you upgrade your character to level 90+ and get good gear, then you want to use all that cool stuff you got. So you go to the empowered monos and face the challenging stuff. The rewards would be slightly better blessings and great gear.

Its also because I want to have more grinding options. Right now, you can only empower 3 timelines.

The Stolen Lance - still level 62
Blood, Frost, and Death - still level 75

So, I never want to farm those timelines after I get my blessing because they are not empowered and they won’t drop t7.

I would like all 7 timelines to be 90+ so I can have maximum variety. If I get bored of fighting Lagon , then I can go fight a different boss.

So, you would want to be able to empower all timelines even if you go with masochist mode.


Is there any indication as to which Timelines can become empowered and how to unlock them?

I have done all Timelines (except 90, the NPC won’t spawn in 75).

I have empowered 68, from completing 80 - but it seemed totally random that the empowered option cropped up, rather than “you’ve completed this, now you have unlocked that”.

I have no real idea as to which timelines can be empowered and which cannot. I am assuming that 55, 62 and 68 can be empowered opening up level 100 options for those areas.

Anyone got any idea what needs to be done to empower other timelines? Is it random? Is there a secret sauce? Do I need to do “X” timelines completed?

I’ll continue farming 80 and 100 to overload the vendor with unwanted purples …

55,68,80 can be empowered.


Any idea what triggers the option to empower a timeline?

There are crystals that you need to click to empower. Ps. you can unlock 90 area by doing 80 one again but leaving liath live at quest 2

I’ll keep an eye out for the crystals, must have missed that part in the rush to advance! Oh, and thankyou for the level 90 unlock. I’ll be on that today.

And can I just add that I watched your naked boss kill videos and what they taught me about how to move better in fights and survive longer. I learned a lot. Thanks again.

All locations for empower:



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