Emperor of corpses not completing/giving blessings

Going through empowered monos on one of my many characters, ran into an odd bug for the 1st time. When I port into the Emperor of Corpses fight, it’s already in progress (outer aoe already active when you zone in, screen full of zombie adds) and when I kill the boss I get loot but not completion/blessings. My stability drops tiny bit as if I had failed the echo which means boss can be fought immediately afterwards with same results - you get the specific boss loot every couple minutes but the blessing is never offered since the quest objective does not seem to complete on killing the dragon. Tried three times in a row with the same result.

Previous empowered timelines worked without issue.

Player.log (101.6 KB)

Bug is still present. Killed the Emperor of Corpses solo and did not get the blessing choice. Killed them yesterday with another player for the first time on this character and did receive the blessing.