Emperor of corpses bug

Emperor of corpses explosion is kilking players even out of range

I am also experiencing this issue. The visual indicators on this boss are incorrectly placed.

I can confirm this is happening too, I just fought this guy a good 15 times.

We are investigating the issue.

This is still happening today. I noticed that today’s patch notes once again mentioned issues with mobs moving if we walk into them. I didn’t notice that but I do have Black Hole, which still moves the dragon. I didn’t move him during or even directly before the wind up for the big aoe, but I had done so maybe 5 seconds prior to him starting the wind up.

Regardless, the indicator still needs to be accurate or there shouldn’t even be one.

You can also still push it around the arena. This makes the phase with blood pools especially nasty.

https://youtu.be/-WDdxvCd3F8 if I was Hardcore I would be mad

Yeah this bug is really annoying, I am unable to kill this boss this 0.9 whereas I never have any problem with previous patch (600 h of games)

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