Emperor of corpses blood pools in HC mode

The blood pools nearly kills my HC character at lvl 97 in about 1 sec with no mods on the boss, corruption 100.
Running bladedancer dancing strikes-shadow daggers with argentus + talent + arena dmg taken reductions, 2.3 k life - overcapped reses and 50% endurance, 30% dot dmg reduction.

This crap pretty much ends my guy every time I try to kill this boss, it is very silly.

The dmg being this high is one thing but the main issue is bein able to even SEE those pools crawling onto the arena and even more so near the end of the fight. Last attempt he was legit sitting on top of what I can only guess was 2-3 pools stacked, breathing all over the place.

TLDR: Make the pools easier to read or lower the shredding dmg they do!


The blood pools do a % of your current HP direct to HP. So if you’re a low life/ward character they aren’t an issue.

Being able to see them is an issue, as is the boss being so easily pushed around as it can be easy to push him into the pools & difficult to drag him back out.

Well too bad I am not ward based then I guess :open_mouth:
Hopefully they do add some clearer visual or proper way to control where those things do crawl cause as it is I fear this boss more than any other by a mile!
Ty for reply!

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Also wish they were easier to see. Quite often lose track of them and can only tell by looking at my health orb if I am in one or not (thankfully I have a build that can survive then fairly well).

Most boss abilities are well telegraphes and visually distinct but this one needs some tweaks.

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