Emperor of Corpses AoE desynch

I’m having tons of visual desynch issues with the circular AoE attack while playing online. I’ll be clearly outside the attack area and still be hit, or the attack will fire faster than it should while there are no modifiers that would increase its attack speed or give it haste.

I’m having the same bug and I just cant progress in the game because of it…

Same, it’s driving me up the walls getting killed when you’re in the ‘clear’. They need to either fix the visual desynch so we can do the mechanic properly or defang it. I’d much rather option 1 but at this point i’ll take anything.

I played with a friend last night. We stood almost next to each other (I was even a bit further away from the center than my friend). He was fine while I got blasted by that AoE. I got killed 3 times during that fight by the AoE blast and I was always clearly outside the dangerous area.

Without him I wouldn’t have been able to beat the Boss because of this really annoying bug.

Yep, this just killed my lvl 76 Spellblade in HC!

I was clear on the right side of the bomb and it hit me anyway - how are we supposed to kill this boss ‘‘safely’’ if it’s a dice roll every time?

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