Elemental Nova Specialisation

I love the Elemental Nova, where u cast all elements at once.
But you’ve got only 8 points to spent where u dont enable only one typ. So what do you think about adding some more options to specialize Elemantal Nova as a tri-elemental nova.

(P.S. I hope u understand me, i am not a native speaker. Sry!)

Hi Wutzimic,

as far as I know you enable each type by selecting it.
So basic nova is all three elements - when you select e.g. lightning its only lightning - when you further select fire its fire and lightning - and on top of this you can select ice and you have all three back and can go deeper into configuration of all three elements.

Edit: there is one note in lightning to deactivate lightning again and get all three elements back - its on the route to “channeling” so you can channel but not only in lightning but in all three elements. But keep in mind if you further select an other element its only this again…

ah… cool thank you i did’nt notice that.

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