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Elemental Nova - Lightning - Overcharge or Arcana Elementorum, Which Do You Choose?

I’m building a Lightning Nova Mage and was wondering which talent node people picked cause there are two that seems that you could either mix and match or just pick one.

Overcharge: Elemental Novas have a chance to overcharge. Overcharged Novas shock enemies and have a larger area of effect.

Overcharge Chance +8% per level - Max 40%

Does Not Scale With Points Allocated:
Overcharge Shock Chance: +200%
Overcharge Area: +75%

Then there’s…

Arcana Elementorum: Elemental Nova deals more elemental damage and has a slightly larger area of effect.

Damage: +8% per point - Max 40%
Area of Effect: +8% per point - Max 40%

Both use 5 skill talent points.

With that out of the way would has anyone calculated which one is better or at least which is better in which circumstance. Any mix and matching between the two?

I’m not in game atm but I’d probably go with Arcane Elementorum because it gives you more damage while Overcharge doesn’t give any damage boost.

Kinda, it does give more shock stacks.

Also, unless they fixed/changed it, the Overcharge area doesn’t stack with the other AoE increases.

Okay. I’ll try that out for now then. Wish I could just switch between the two easily and test out. Maybe put a couple points in Overcharge just to see.