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Elemental Nova ideas

In case its not very obvious by now, im bored and dont have heaps to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I reworked Elemental Nova to allow single element as well as triple element builds, and greater access to modifiers without having to lock into a specific element. I tried to keep most of the original nodes and effects, but did move some to new areas and added some new ones. This gave each element its own ‘feel’. Fire now feels beefy with its damage and AoE Nodes. Lightning adds crit and speed and Ice feels very defensive and mana efficient.


Im SO SO excited about this one, it has some really fun mechanics:

  • Two pure fire builds - Ignite and AoE
  • Two pure Lightning builds - Pure Crit or ranged static charge
  • Four pure Cold builds each with three of the following four effects - (1) No mana Cost, (2) Increased freeze time, (3) Mini Frost Novas and (4) reduced elemental and physical damage taken.
  • One Fire and Lightning build
  • An ungodly amount of non-specialized (3 element) builds which can dabble into all of the above in tons of different and unique ways.
  • Able to hybridize single element builds in really interesting ways (Increased AoE Freeze build, targetable Fire builds, lightning builds that trigger mini frost novas, Freeze builds that also put shock charges).

I should note that when i say “one build” I mean if you just dump all your points into that direction to max its effectiveness. You could also put your points elsewhere for slightly different effects.

Also opens the door for some really strong unique or set items e.g.

  • “You can target Nova’s” (saving you a whopping 8 points!)
  • “Frost Nova no longer reduces damage” (Freeze damage build weeeee!)
  • “Fire Nova can add one additional Ignite”
  • “Static charges are replaced with a lightning bolt from the sky that strikes 3 times in rapid succession”
  • “Mini frost novas can chain indefinitely”
  • “Fire Nova’s “increased Area of Effect” is converted to “increased damage” at 50% efficiency. Fire nova’s actual area of effect is now melee range”
  • “Enemies frozen by Frost Nova take 30% increased damage”

Im getting way to into this. Gunna go calm down! haha


This one has been a pretty big debate for a long time. I’m not going to get into it again but I will say that I much prefer being able to go down some of the paths without a mandatory, “set this element” node. Once again, tons of awesome stuff in here and I’ve got it saved for later :slight_smile: Keep em coming!


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