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Elemental Nova + Focus + Cast Nova on Hit Idol


I was trying a channeled-nova build on my mage and noticed something that seems like it should be a bug…

I think that these three things must be present to recreate it:

  • Elemental Nova specced to run as a channeled ability (Luminaire)
  • Channeling Focus
  • Idol with “#% chance to cast Elemental Nova when Hit”

Now, what happens is that when you’re channeling focus to regain mana/hp, and then you proc the elemental nova cast from the idol, the nova is channeled rather than a 1 time nova cast.

It seems very strong for this if it were intended because you can just hold focus and get mp+hp regen while doing massive elemental nova damage at the same time. you get defense + offense at the same time with no downside.

I have Two 8% idols set up which would give me 16% chance to proc when hit, which is already high and procs very often. They have a max roll of 10% (?) and you can fit 4 of them (Adorned Idol 4x4), which would be 40%. Almost guaranteeing a nova channel with focus if you would want to.

So really, you could spec Focus to give you not only mana regen but hp regen + armor + resists + ward but also just decimate nearby enemies.

Yes, this has been a known issue for quite some time (since the idol was introduced).

Ah, well then! :slight_smile: maybe I should search more next time!

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This has been fixed internally. Thanks for the report!

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