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Elemental Damage

Quick question regarding the elemental damage % increase (lightning, fire and cold). As far as I understand the percent increase works off of melee elemental damage and base damage from spells etc. (such as the lightning damage on mana strike) . So if I had a weapon which had only melee lightning damage then increasing % lightning damage would increase both the base damage from my weapon and the additional damage from mana strike correct? If true this would make it an incredibly efficient stat to increase.

All added damage stats are added together first and then increases/decreases are multiplied on.

So yes, it is a good way to increase your damage.

Are we seeing more Cold-based melee attacks? Spellblade still lacks high-tier skills. Maybe a Cold-based melee attack is in the works?

I also see there is an unique 2H weapon with Necrotic Melee damage. Are we seeing more melee skills in future?

Yes, there will be at least one more cold based melee attack.

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