Elder Pannion in MoF, stuck in wall,

Elder Pannion started off, and ended up stuck in a wall in MoF. I was able to down him by standing there forever and letting my Maelstrom stacks kill him, but I was unable to melee him.

I would also like to say that it’s entirely unfair for someone to have to lose 4 echoes from having to leave the area, because they can’t complete the objective.

I’d also like to say that it’s annoying to upload a photo to imgur, then post the link here. You should have the capability of uploading a photo directly to your forum. Please work on that too.


And another instance today. This time he’s too far in for me to kill, meaning I now lose 4 echoes. wah wah

Devs, please, PLEASE remove him as an objective until you fix him. Like a hotfix asap.

Still a known issue.

Yeah. The threads I saw looked locked, so I made a new one. Bug threads shouldn’t lock until they’re resolved.

We will be including a fix for this in our next patch, 0.8. Sorry about the trouble!

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