Elder pannion boss unhitable with orbiting hammer throw

the boss is unhitable with a hammer throw build. even if there are no rocks summoned it seems like the boss is standing on a rock? lol cant hit him tho.

Yes, this is a known issue, not just on that map. Devs are aware of it and will fix it, maybe for 1.0?.

devs are aware of it for years. or atleast should be since its been reported years ago. at this point im really getting frustrated about the full release. getting more and more blizzard vibes. i mean for what am i having 800h playtime in the EA if nothing is getting fixed thats been reported? whole builds arent playable at certain areas with issues like this. there should atleast be some kind of roadmap on when known issues will be fixed.

Lots of stuff gets fixed, just not everything. Sadly

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Not to mention that there are lots of stuff that are already fixed but will only be released on 1.0. We just don’t know which they are.

At least the vast majority of the fixes in 1.0 are now known with the patch notes just released.

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