Elder Gaspar's Doom Blast hitbox

There seems to be an issue with the hitbox of Elder Gaspar’s Doom Blast attack.

Actual Behavior: These are samples of the issue where I think I’m visually outside the purple telegraph but I am still getting hit with the attack.

Expected Behavior: This is an example where I am outside (but still too close) of the purple telegraph and I am not getting hit with the attack.

I am not sure if this is a bug or if there is just a mechanic I’m not getting with his attack because the issue seems inconsistent.

This is the Elder Gaspar in The Last Ruin empowered monolith btw.

The hitbox of his tri-elemental spin also seems to be ahead of the visuals slightly.

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Yeah especially the fire beam. I’m not sure if it’s intentional but it feels like the hitbox of it is wider compared to the other two beams.

I too am experiencing this issue, same with the fire beam and the big void explosion feels offset from where it is visually

When will this be fixed? I’m tired of dying because of a buggy hitbox

The hitbox is pretty jank, requiring you stand dead center of all 3 blasts. Not to mention when it bugs out and telegraphs in the sky rather than the ground, making it impossible to tell where the safe spot is.

Man, I thought it was just that I really sucked but with all the tri beam comments here I guess that’s not toally my problem.
I’ve found that if you can get behind the Fire beam its pretty safe but I’ve still died too many times to count and my frustration causes me to log out and chill for a bit.