Elder Gaspar Won't Give Dialog to Teleport to Last Quest Zone

So Elder Gaspar in the End of Time won’t give the dialog option to let me teleport to the Outcast Camp. The only available dialog option doesn’t lead to the teleport, even though quest log says I need to talk to him. Tried leaving to char select and that didn’t work. Nor did restarting game completely.

Things I remember doing before: Running through Ruined Era doing the quests and killing mobs. When I got the boss by the flower I killed him once. Town Portal’d back to town, then came back and killed the boss again. Then I used the shard to teleport to the End of Time. Not sure what I did at this specific point - if I talked to the Elder and he was bugged, or I logged off to check another character, or teleported somewhere - but when I tried to proceed, he wouldn’t give the proper dialog option. =\

edit: Just wanted to add cliffnote here. Seems like this issue happens with other quests as well. Started a new character and went through everything till the ruined era, then I noticed I wasn’t getting any skillpoints for ruined era quests. I guess it has something to do with the quest markers on the ‘quest log’ towards the middle right not properly being ticked off as completed, and just amassing.

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