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Elder Gaspar health regen bug


I was fighting Elder Gaspar at the end of The last ruin level 90 timeline, and every time he started the spinning beam attack with 70-80% of health, his health quickly jumped back to maximum. I tried the fight circa 5 times with the same result.
After restarting the game, doing some echoes, it stopped doing that and I could kill him easily.

The log files of the previous run: Player-prev.log (1.2 MB)


Do you know what modifiers you had for the fight? There is an “enemies heal if not damaged recently” modifier which you likely had active during the fight which would probably make it not a bug.

Sadly I don’t know. This is my first character and there are so many things to pay attention to…
Is it possible that the modifier was there during the first n fights and rerolled when I reopened the game? Because that is a weird feature as well (having the same modifiers, but rerolling them when the game is restarted).

The modifiers have a fixed duration, I can’t remember whether dieing/“failing” a quest echo reduces the duration of the modifiers. Restarting the game certainly wouldn’t reroll them.

Generally speaking though, there are certain modifiers that can make a boss fight significantly harder, enrage, is a good example.

just checked - it doesnt reduce the modifier n counter if you fail by dying in an echo.

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