Elder boss fight feedback

Elder boss fight felt very unsatisfying. I felt strongly about it, so I am trying to collect my feedback. Veteran ARPG player, 4k+ hours, work in the industry.
-Elder boss fight felt very unimpactful, with no change in music, no audio cue as to what happened to first stage of boss. Suggestion: Voiced audio line from elder, or more obvious, telegraphed effect of what is happening rather than despawn of first phase and other boss spawning offscreen.
-Immersive actors: Various particle effects are not adjusted for their environment. Implementation on the player side is difficult, but lowering the gamma on that fire attack on second elder phase would go leagues to improving player immersion. No radiant light from fire effect also makes it look very canned.
-Loot explosion feels flat: add items to chest that player can click to open, or drop items sequentially instead of every item at once. This increases player engagement.


I think you could apply this feedback to numerous bosses currently in-game. A lot of the bosses currently are just normal mobs with their model size upscaled 300% or the same bosses are used multiple times throughout the campaign. This leads me to believe that some are place holders and/or will get future mechanical updates/overhauls.


Iā€™m sure that the bossfights get an overhaul. Chapter 8 Boss(es) show how this could look like.

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