EHG's CEO on Ukraine & Russia

Hello Travelers,

I want to speak briefly on the happenings involving Ukraine and Russia that is near and dear to our studio. Eleventh Hour Games is a completely remote development studio, now spanning over a dozen countries, and contains team members in both of the countries involved in this conflict.

Our hearts are broken for all of our wonderful team members, their friends, families, and countrymen that are impacted by this situation - both within the Ukrainian and Russian borders. They have been thrown into a horrific and turbulent situation that they have no control over. These EHG team members have had an opportunity to work together and form relationships with those that their countries are now involved in combat with. They are deeply worried, and deeply saddened and do not want conflict with their next door brothers and sisters.

Something that I am truly grateful for is our studio’s global team providing us perspective and insight into the lives of many people across the world and the clear ability to see just how similar we truly are. I know, for a fact, that when you bring people from multiple parts of the world together to work towards common goals that you get results, valuable perspectives, and create great friendships. Internally we cherish learning about one another’s differences, but what is clear at times like this is that there is even more value in learning the vast similarities of our team members in other locations.

I’m optimistic about the future as we continue to create digital mediums that allow us to interact with those across great distances and our populations continue to gain these perspectives. Hopefully the next generations will continue to develop an understanding of just how similar we truly are and will come to the realization that harming individuals that also have their own families, loved ones, and lives is unthinkable and unjustifiable.

Our thoughts, prayers, resources, and ability to provide support are with our Ukrainian and Russian team members at this time.

CEO & Game Director for Last Epoch,

-Judd Cobler


My thoughts are with those caught in this terrible situation as well. Praying for the safety of Team EHG affected.


Let’s hope that the conflict ends soon!!
My prayer to all the innocent out there from both sides.

Thank you for being like this.

From what i can tell from the news the internet in Ukraine is still intact for the most part, but has a high risk to get widespread outages as communication stations are destroyed.

Thankfully some StarLink equipment arrived to give i-net access as some sorts of backup plan if things go south.

I honestly have been really just kind of sad about the whole situation.

They are targeting civilian populations with bombs and airstrikes.

I have former members of my unit talking about signing up for a Ukrainian defense force and travelling to Ukraine to support them in their fight against Russia.

I really hope a ceasefire is called and held soon. The other day they hit an apartment complex hard and heavy while they were discussing a ceasefire.

The whole situation is incredibly sad and scary as hell.

I mean Russia had its nuclear capabilities on high alert… That hasn’t happened in decades.

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A NUANCED OPINION ON UKRAINE!!!??? what is this madness!!!???

Hope the war end soon with not too many casualties.

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wtaf? Mind to explain what you are on about?

That’s not going to go anywhere good…