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EHG-hosted Events in the future?

So way back then, when LE was in an alpha/snippet state, they hosted like small “race/level” events.

Now currently with them pushing more core content into the game with the last patches (Temporal Sanctum in 084 and two more dungeons in 085) I think we have some good groundwork for interesting events.

:warning: Once Multiplayer is available and EHG has better control over cheating and exploiting and better ways to monitor players, I would really like to see more events officially hosted by EHG. :warning:

I don’t think there need to be big prizes on the line, it would still serve for a good “community feeling”.

But once we get enough interesting content in the game, that makes sense to do contests around, I would also at one point like to see cool prizes like “Design Collabs for Uniques or potential other things” (Like the ones in the bigger Supporter Packs from Kickstarter, Alpha and Beta).

I had this idea in my head for a long time and sometimes talked about it, but I don’t think it mentioned it in the forum yet.

The recent announcement of GGG putting Collaboration Prizes instead of Money for their race events was something I was surprised by, but I really like it.

I also hope that, if such events happen in the future, it will not only be “racing” events, but also events where people with other qualities could compete.
I think I am a decently competitive player, but I dislike “racing”. So any other events would be appreciated.

What do you guys think?

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+1 on the idea of having non-race events.

Random event idea:
I think it would be kinda cool to have some sort of hardcore challenge where EHG provides a grabbag of random equipment, crafting supplies, and set number of skill points to assign. Players then theorycraft some build with only the provided supplies and then need to see how far they can get through arena / dungeon / boss rush / custom event gauntlet / etc. without dying.

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I really do like this idea, since EHG would have a lot of control over the balance.

Also this would reward the best theory rafter more than the best mechanical player.
Also EHG could deliberately choose skills they feel like are underutilized and then give them some “spotlight” and a reason for people to further experiment with those skills after the event.

I would say if we get a couple of different events with different rules, everybody should have something they are interested in.

I can say I’m absolutely interested in doing community events, and it’s something we’ve discussed quite a bit. While I certainly have some ideas rolling around in my head of things I would like to do, I’m just as certainly interested in hearing what other people think would be fun events or competitions. I can’t promise anything of course at this point, but It’s something I think about regularly. I love these kind of community “get togethers”.


That sounds amazing, glad to hear that.

And you you are actually interested in ideas I am more than sure some people in the community will come suggest some really interesting ones.

I do have some of my own.

Without going too much into details about each specific events here are a couple ones.

I think we have to separate them from stuff that is already possible and stuff that might need specific content/features added to the game before working.

Basically all the stuff, that is already possible in the current state of the game will be mostly Race-Type events sadly.

I hope that we will get more content that is not randomized with maybe fixed seeds (like the announced Arena Of Champions or possibly specific Monolith Timeline Echoes that are pre-determined)

What’s already possible:

Race-Type Events (leaderboard based on who achieves it first)

  • Complete Arena wave X
  • First Shade kill
  • First Timeline pushed to X Corruption
  • First T4 Dungeon Boss X kill (once multiple dungeons are in, the first person who kills all of them on one char)

Push-Type Events (these could also be played with teams asynchrony and synchrony). For asynchrony events players pre-register as a “team” and at the end their average score of whatever the event is will be calculated (like Arena waves, pushed corruption).
These events would last a fixed time frame and after that time frame ends the result will be final.

Everything here is Highest for solo and synchrony teams events and
Average for asynchrony team events.

  • Highest Corruption in one timeline
  • Highest Arena Wave
  • Fastest T4 Dungeon Boss X kill (time it takes to kill the boss, counting from entering the boss arena.

What is not yet possible:

  • Fixed seeds/scripted events. Who completes it the fastest, like a single big echo or multi echoes chained to each other. Possibly with multiple different difficulties (with scaled health for mobs), so on lower difficulties “faster/mobile builds” would excell and at higher difficulties the actual dps would matter more

(Marvel Heroes had this as a core-feature, where these scripted events would rotate weekly or bi-weekly and sometimes cool modifiers would be thrown in, so people needed to adjust their builds)

Any type of event mentioned here could also be hold on a more "mini-scale event, where EHG provides participants with a pre-generated character/builds (to some extend) and everybody has the exact same.
Also all events could have restrictions in class/mastery or possible skills.
Or at least different prizepools/leader board based on mastery.

Also for all the race events obviously not only the first place should count, but there should be leader boards for Top X

I agree right now the tools we have are largely limited to “race” type events in game, though I have a … couple ideas that wouldn’t be. That being said, I can certainly try to push for certain tools if required to really take community events to the place we want them to be - even if it would need to happen further down the road, so don’t make that a limiting factor. The last little thing I want to drop in here, is when we’re thinking internally of community events, there are two main considerations we want to keep in mind.

  1. We don’t want to split the player base, at least for any extended period of time. It’s no fun if you want to play with your friend, but they’re in the middle of some competition for the next week and you can’t even join them / be too far behind to get involved.

  2. We would want to avoid players taking part in events to cause “burn out”. So if there’s any kind of hard push as part of the event, we wouldn’t want a large window on it (eg. maybe a race that would allow “X” number of hours in arena to get as far as possible, instead of infinite time from date A to date B). This one is a bit complicated, but something we try to keep in mind.

Lastly, I’m not personally a fan of “voided” events. I think there can be a place for these kind of events, but I like for players to keep what they’ve worked for. This is one of the reasons we aren’t planning any sort of character wipe going into 1.0. Players have worked hard for their characters. This could place some restrictions in regards to providing pre-made characters and the like, but it’s not out the window if the event could be fun enough to warrant something that might need to be “voided” after completion.


Fully support this statement!

I also think some none competitive events might be interesting. For example you can encounter randomly an arena champion in empowered monoliths and they have a guaranteed drop of a specific unique or skin. Or guaranteed drop rates in general for a limited time for any content could encourage players. It’s important though that there is no limited time stuff. I think there should always be a way to get something afterwards in a conventional way.

I think that voided events have their place in allowing some events that would otherwise “break” or otherwise be detrimental to the economy, such as “drop rates are inverted” (the rarest uniques drop frequently and the commonest drop very rarely), only uniques/sets and exalteds drop. But you would want voided events to happen every time.

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I like voided events with crazy modifiers like that, especially loot-related modifier.

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Exactly what I was thinking, that would open up a lot of non-racing possibilities.

Example: seasonal events (I know, I play too many MMOs).
For three weeks in December, a special echo can be reached, with a Grinch boss dropping specific stuff, cosmetics maybe. BUT you can only access it with a character created during the event, a specific class, or if you are not wearing any unique…

If the loots are mostly cosmetics, not really.


I’m not a competitive person, but there needs to be someone at the last rank. I’ll be here!

I’d like the idea of something more elaborate than a race. Some kind of challenge with pre-determined criteria. Create a build that works in an original way, and people from EHG would be the judges, for example.

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+1 Dev hosted community events would be awesome.

There are many that could be done, some of which are suggested above.

A lesser known game that I used to play on the main server and many private servers with my old guild called Shaiya had a dev feature built into it that allowed Game Masters to host these events. Aside from all the “capture the flag”, “race” & “raid combat vs world bosses” type events they also used to do Treasure Hunts.

Treasure Hunts were quite popular because players with sub optimal builds & gearing could also take place alongside the more “elite” players and stand an equal chance. The premise was quite simple. There would be a number of clues announced in Chat or with Server Messages. Every clue would direct players to a location somewhere in the game world. At that location would be a number of “treasure chests” containing nothing game breaking, but some fun loot. These would sometimes get sequentially better, or sometimes there would be a last better loot chest. Players would screenshot their finds and post them in the forums. It encouraged some good feedback & participation.

This could also be expanded upon so that only those who made it to location #1 could go to location #2 etc, gradually weeding out the numbers until a grand prize was a race between the last smallest group. Just an idea as an alternative to above.

The types of events though are somewhat infinite, with only the engine being a restriction.

I think though that once MP goes live, this is a great idea. I’d love to see these events. The only thing to bear in mind is time zones. I do think that either repeat events, or a variation of time zones would be needed for one off events so as not to exclude players from different regions. Obviously, this is less of a factor for 2 day events etc.