Effigy of Combustion scaling

When Infernal Shade is cast by a Volatile Zombie with the Effigy of Combustion node, does Infernal Shade scale with minion damage or player damage?

EDIT: I was wrong, sorry!

The point description says that it is cast by the Zombie, so it would scale with the Zombie’s damage.

But it uses the player’s skill tree & the player pays a (reduced) mana cost, so I’d go with it using the player’s stats.

It’s easy to see if it uses the player’s tree if you spec into the node that applies fire shred, get it proc’d & you’ll see the fire shred animation on the training dummy.

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My mistake, thanks for the clarification!
Usually when minions use our skill tree it is clearly written.

Yes, and I agree that it should be clearer (“you have a chance to cast xxx when your zombies die”), though if it were the minions casting it then you wouldn’t pay a mana cost for it. It was likely the minion casting it originally & they may have changed it in development but forgot to correct the text.

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Just tested it.

It does not scale with minion damage.

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