Effects from monsters

Monster aoe duration spells need to end when the monsters are dead. They linger for 5-6 seconds after death , some of them, and for what reason?

Also, its annoying getting killed by a mob that has been dead for sometime. Its kind of a pointless annoyance rather than a tough mechanic.

Because the spell has already been cast & exists in the world until it’s duration ends.

You can do it (poison/ignite/bleed a mob, die & then the DoT kills the mob) so why shouldn’t the mobs?

because the entity that gave those effects power just got slaughtered by me. their magic, along with their corporeal bodies, has been vaporized with lightning.

Yeah, no, that’s not how it works.

I don’t think it’s a kind of “bad” mechanic. It’s just unexpected in the first place. I did to some effects at the beginning because I wasn’t aware that they would stay when the caster is dead. But this gets into your brain very fast and then it isn’t a real problem anymore.

I have opinions about what I feel like what works and doesnt work. None of which are dictated by annoying people like yourself.

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Fair enough, you can have whatever head cannon you wish, but it’s not going to affect how the game actually works…

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