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Edge scrolling, mini map, and menus

  • NPC text box should disappear after moving a certain distance away
  • Enable/Disable edge scrolling in settings
  • Zoom in/out on minimap to see covered/uncovered map areas
  • Crafting tutorials for affix shards & upgrading mods (make them more obvious - or required unless disabled)
  • Buy back from shops (I heard this was going to be employed)
  • Inventory close on movement
  • Xinryu says we need indicators on our character for buffs/debuffs/DoTs (and I agree)
  • Enable/Disable Mini-map Click-through

All these sound like good ideas:) I can understand though that they probably wont be a priority for the devs at this point.

And honestly I don’t know enough to say for certain how hard/easy each one would be to implement.

Adding on a small part to edge scrolling: the ability to confine the mouse cursor to the game window would be neat. Not sure if it’s just my specific setup (I do have this issue in some other games), but with dual monitors the mouse often likes to escape to monitor #2

I’m glad if I can make the line darker because I can not see the TAB MAP overlapping with the bright ground :smiley:

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