Echos infinite loading Screen(Bug/Performance)


I have the problem, that last epoch will use 8-10GB RAM and more and so I can’t do any echos any more.

I found this error in the Logfile ==>Forced Disconnect. Reason: Exception during ReadNetwork: System.InvalidProgramException: Not enough buffer space is available
Player.log (333.3 KB)

I hope they will fix it soon.

Best regards,Chris


I’m also having an issue with Infinite load screens/lost connections. Every 4-5 echos i do when selecting one it will just sit on the load screen causing me to alt f4. After doing that i can then do another 4-5 echos before it happens again.
As for the lost connection it seems to happen on the next echo i do after alt f4ing the game. Lost connection seems to be happening on zoning in dungeons for me as well.
I’m not sure how to get player logs but ill try to post mine as well

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