Echo Rewards

The echo rewards don’t match the drops at the end. I haven’t seen a single arena key since the patch and have taken 10+ arena key echos. The other items that are supposed to drop as rewards don’t seem to be dropping either.

The echo rewards will not be inside the chest.
You need to click this to receive your echo rewards

Oh wow, welp I’ve missed about 100 rewards at this point. Thanks for the heads up!

Me too - maybe need a UI tweak here to make it more obvious, to be honest I missed the chests when I first started too, get caught up in doing the next echo. Maybe the first time through there will be tutorial type hints?

I don’t mean to be an arsehat, but how can one miss a glowy spinny thing that’s right by the thing you need to click on to progress? I kinda get the chest off to the right 'cause one might think that it’s just a piece of scenery. This befuddles me!

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