Echo loot improvements

Currently there are alot of “go go go, never stop” type of builds which is penalised heavely for stopping in their tracks. Here is my suggestion on how to add a huge QoL to Echoes.

All the loot that (can be modified the same way normal loot filters are working maybe) drops in Echoes will instead be accumulated and saved instead of dropping on the floor, and when you finish the echo without dying, it will be waiting for you in the chest reward after you have teleported out.

This way we can just go full throttle forward in the echoes without stopping or stop focusing on what the enemies are doing to look at the loot. And can take our sweet time to sip through it all after instead.

Absolutely hate this idea and don’t ever want to see this.
Compressing the excitment down to a single moment per echo is a net negative for the gameplayloop for me.

I rather have them adjust those builds that need to rush. That is bad design to begin with.

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Personally i like to go fast. Maybe make it an in-game choice? Everyone happy :slight_smile:

No, not everybody would be happy.

Having some options like this would create artifical pressure from the community for a lot of players to always use this option to be faster and thus more “effecient”.

There are a lot of these type of things that would affect everybody, even though it is a “choice”


Overall I agree that it feels bad to back track just to make sure nothing is missed, especially when speed farming and having a very constraint loot filter.
I think a midpoint would be to show icons for items on minimap just as how the game shows unique on the map. Add this as a loot filter option that can be toggled for some rules.

This is not how it works.
The option of having all loot at the end is objectively more efficient.
The people that would have preferred to have the loot spread out throughout the mono would have the choice of either playing the way they enjoy, or playing in the more efficient way.
You are punishing players that enjoy the game in a different way, and that would feel bad.

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