Echo chance is broken?

So i have maximized all of the passives that increase echo chance. According to description I shall have 40% chance for hits and spells to echo.

While leveling I started feeling that it’s not actually triggers that often. After the boss fight where echo was not triggered for Erasing Strike like 8 times in a row I decided to set up an experiment and count how many echoes will trigger for 100 consequent strikes.
There were 30 of them.

I understand that it’s still possible. But according to binomial distribution probability calculator the chance of 30 or less echoes out of 100 is <2.5% (taking echo probability 40%). So I refuse to believe that it happened to me at first try. I’d rather believe that smth is wrong with the math or skill descriptions.

Does anyone else feels that the game is deceiving you with the echoes?

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No, I don’t. 40% chance to echo still means that each time you hit there is a 40% chance for it to echo, so it’s all RNG. Sometimes you might experience it echoing more than 40% of the time and other times less than that.

My 40% chance always seems to be less b/c of my extreme bad luck in anything with “chance.”

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I’m running an echo knight style build with erasing and cleave and both seem to work. The one bug I do see is that void cleave when repaired as a traversal skill is not properly echo’d to act the same way.

The VK passive tree bonuses section specifically states that movement abilities and anomaly are excluded from the echo mechanic.

If I understand, you tested 100 attacks with 40% proc chance and you got 30… right? I farmed Kilrian’s shattered soul in Grim Dawn which has probability of dropping 35% (back then I think it was actually like 25%). I had 20 runs in a row without dropping single one of them! And let someone tell you what is like to spend 7000 fusings on 6-link in Path of Exile while the average is around 1000.

Echo chance is use-based not hit-based.

21 days later? You bored or something?

hes grinding


What though, and why?