Eastern Servers ping at night

I have a 10k $ PC with all the best cards you can imagine and a beastie internet connection.
I have no problem running any games at max setting and I have a very good ping in most online games.
But in Last epoch if I play from 9pm to like 11pm on the eastern servers… The ping is awful.
Loading a map takes ages too.
I have to use a VPN and play on other servers during that time of the day to avoid that inconveniance.
I hope you fix this before 1.0 or this will be a MAJOR complain from streamers and reviewers.

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First, I wouldn’t expect any changed before 1.0. Secondly, jsut because you are experiencing this, doesn’t mean everybody including those streamers and reviewers will.

Why do you have to use a VPN? You can manually select the gateway.

Because I have a better ping using a high quality VPN than just using the gateway.
My RL friend living in another city is experiencing the same kind of delay and loading screen during these hours. I can confirm it is not just me.

I’m a huge fan of the game, dont get me wrong… but getting loading screens of 30 seconds is getting old.
I can log in PoE and I get 0.5 second loading screen right now.

That almost sounds as though there’s issues onthe direct route from you to the other server, so by using a VPN it’s taking a different route & avoiding the dodgy part. Not that there’s anything yo ucan do to avoid/fix that.

EHG is doing stress tests on servers. We don’t know their schedule. It’s possible that this was the problem. Maybe not, but something to keep in mind anyway.

Other than emergency patches for some reason or other, no more patches are expected before 1.0. However, server performance is a priority issue for devs at launch, so we should expect this to improve after launch. Maybe after a couple days while they fine tune everything, depending on the player load at launch.

We do, they announced it on discord.

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Well, once again the info wasn’t posted on the official LE forum. I don’t do Discord so haven’t seen the schedule and wasn’t aware it was even posted.

Yup, I agree. Things like that should be posted on all available channels, the forum, discord, twitter, etc.


My issue has been fixed!
It’s very good now 29ms no lag.