Earthquake does not get a lightning scale tag when storm rift node & thunderblight is taken

The earthquake skill does not display as a lightning skill in its scaling tags when you take the storm rift and thunderblight skill nodes.

I have bhuldar’s on so it is saying its a “fire” spell only not lighting and fire. This seems to be inconsistent with other skills. When i add the thunderblight skill node that states it is adding “40 lightning damage” but the fire conversion from bhuldar’s states that it is to base damage only not added. Other skills when you take a +X damage node type it adds that damage type to the scaling list.

Also unrelated to the bug but just a general question, if I understand things right…earthquake initially starts w/ 2 physical damage as its base damage. With Bhuldar’s it converts that base to fire damage. With storm right it converts it to a spell and add’s additional hit spell damage (80) but does to appear to override the bhuldar’s fire conversion. If that is the case and working as intended, does that essentially mean my base damage of earthquake is then 82 fire? Then +40 lightning damage from thunder node? So in essence i’d be better off scaling fire damage then lightning if i was trying to maximize EQ dps? (elemental obviously covers both but isn’t always an option)

Also, when you convert earthquake to a spell it still states “added melee damage” is added at 350% effective rate. Is this a bug or does added spell damage then just scale 1:1 and melee damage still is calculated in some how even though its a spell ?

EDIT: Not sure if tooltip dps is bugged but adding %fire damage increases does nothing for my dps tooltip vs. lightning damage that does increase it as well as physical damage % increases.

So this indicates that the tooltip of skill is probably not updating properly showing it as fire and that the skill node converts the already converted fire damage to lightning & physical.

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