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EarthQuake Builds plz!

Just reached end-game and i really like the earthquake ability!
Do we have good builds yet? thanks in advance!

I highly adivice you to just toy around, there is literally soo much stuff you can do.

I am a big advocate for new player testign and experimenting stuff themselves, but just to give you some ideas.

You could scale only the intiial hit damage and take “Deep Impact”, which makes it undodgable, this is a very big thing, especially for slow hard hitting abilities like this, since then you can even freely take the “enemies have a chance to dodge” modifier in MoF.

Another cool node is Staggering Force, which gives EQ a cooldown but it’s a guaranteed stun.
You could combine that with Warcry (which is baseline a guaranteed stun) and only stack stun duration without goign for any stun chance, since you have 2 guruanteed stuns.

With ultra high endgear i think perma stun locking is very much possible.

With that build you obviously would need another sustained dps skill.

Last suggestion would be a build requiring a unique weapon (that is really easy to acquire).
Idon’t know how much you want to get spoiled in terms of unique endgame loot.

Unique Weapon

This Weapon does trigger an EQ, after you use a non-channeled movement ability, in Primalists case Fury Leap.
Bhuldar’s Wrath - Unique Barbed Mace - Two-Handed Blunt Weapon - Last Epoch Item Database (
You only need to kill the Spirits Of Fire Timeline boss, and it has a very high drop chance

Just some ideas to give you inspiration.

All i can say, it’s really easy to make build that are able to clear all timelines on normal.
Making a build powerful enough to clear empowered is a different story, but since your are so far, you gathered alot more experience.

The best Earthquake build is ironically a Rouge build. Don’t tell anyone :wink:

Pics or it didn’t happen. I’d assume the best earthquake build would be a werebear one since you can specialise earthquake and increase its damage significantly as well as have a relatively low cooldown on Charge to proc earthquake (2s, maybe less).

Edit: though earthquake on shift does sound amusing as ####.

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EDIT: Wrong thread.

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