Early Release of Patch Notes for 1.0?

Good Morning!

Any chance the patch notes will be out before the actual release so we have time to read and absorb all the information? I ‘think’ i recall hearing Mike mentioned in a QA they were extensive, but I could be mistaken.

To clarify, I was hoping for a chance to read them on say Jan 19th for instance, not tomorrow or anything too early as I am sure everyone is head down cleaning up last minute tasks etc.

Perhaps even a staggered release on the week leading up to it if possible as another ‘Hype Week’ type of event.

Either way, I’m really excited and it feels like it’s 2 months away, not 2 weeks due to excitement. :rofl:


Yes the devs already said they will releasing Patch Notes prior to release.
I think it is not certain how much earlier yet, because the patch notes are massive.

But I would expect something like 1-3 days before release


Thank you, for the information.