Dying After Finishing Monolith Allows Portal Spawn/Entry With Weird Results

Today I died after finishing a monolith and the “Spawn Portal” prompt came up. Oddly, I was able to spawn the portal AND enter it, which resurrected my character inside the reward zone. I was able to open the rewards chest and claim my items. However, something weird happened: I wasn’t able to pick up the gold.


It didn’t matter if I clicked the gold or walked over it; I couldn’t pick it up. I was then able to enter my next Monolith, except upon entering, there were NO monsters, and no objective.

I left the monolith chain, and decided to try an Arena instead. Inside, while killing monsters, gold and health potions were dropping, but I couldn’t pick them up. At the end of the waves, I could pick up my items, but not the gold or health potions.


This behavior persisted until I restarted my game, at which point it reverted back to normal.

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