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DW shield rush 0.8.1c

This is more of a fun build although its really good at farming monolith :slight_smile:


Level with rive until around level 30 then you can respec to shield rush.

Video guide

Video by @ApprenticeCorner

Dummy deeps


:smiley: Yeah, I’ve tried this before, it’s a bit odd (ignoring that the mana return doesn’t always work.

Oh yeah the mana bugging out is slightly annoying but i don’t notice it when i am doing monoliths with it. Arena however is yikes

Alright this looks just messed up enough for me to try this out, It does look fun.

cannot focus… stand still bloody… arghh… losing the will to live…

Ok I was leveling this up and suddenly the shield rush skill stopped working. Very bizzare actually, Not sure why this would have happened.

Did you go DW without taking the Dark Rush (no longer requires a shield) node? It also feels painful if you take Mana Memory (refunds the mana cost but adds a cooldown) without also taking the next node which removes the cooldown (but adds a health cost).

Ah crap I did. I know better now and will adjust to that. Thanks for providing me that tip appreciate it.

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