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Duplicate Item Respawn/Drop

Not sure if this is intended because of its early Alpha state, but there are multiple zones with crates located next to elite packs that give rare/epic items when broken. I can simply zone out and then back in and repeat to farm items for legendary drops rather than killing bosses/mobs. Was just curious if this was a bug or not. Thanks.

Hi there,

We’ll probably have measures in place to prevent this later in development.

In your title you mention duplicates - were you getting multiple copies of the exact same item?

Yes, I will have to go back to find the exact box that was doing it and post it.

I apologise for the bother, but if you could do that, then close the game and get [color=#FFFFFF]the log file[/color], upload it somewhere, and post a link to it, that would really help us a lot.