Duplicate Character model

When I loaded back into the cultists camp, my character was in the area twice. One I could move around, the other stood still. The camera stayed focused on the stationary model.

  • I was playing in a party with one friend.
  • We defeated the boss in the docks and collected the quest item.
  • I opened a portal to town and clicked.
  • When I loaded into the camp I was there twice.


Player-prev - duplicate char model.log (1.4 MB)


Same thing happened to me. I can narrow down the issue a bit closer.

I clicked on his portal and it disappeared. We both re-opened out own portals and i was in town twice.

difficulty adding photos. :frowning:
Screenshot 2023-02-24 202129.zip (2.1 MB)

Also, after this happened. no portals are showing up in town to return where we left off.

Same! In a party with one friend. We loaded in together after killing the boss. Her character (Kazzanti)did the clone/camera thing, but mine was fine.

If the duplicated character is able to teleport with the waypoint and then back in, then movement is released and everything is playable again.

LE Duplicate Character 02.24.23 Bug.zip (3.9 MB)

I encountered the same bug as well.

Few things we noticed, i could also move the stuck character (and the camera with it) by teleporting to party member but it was still stuck on the new position, this was also only visible on my end, as my friend still saw me at the enterence where i got stuck first entered the zone.

Cloned Character bug video+log.zip (2.7 MB)

This happened to my partner and I both in the beta multiplayer and the current iteration of the game, just now.

Thanks for the report! We’re aware of this issue and are tracking it internally.

Currently, indications we’ve had are this occurs relatively rarely (we had it happen twice in the full campaign playthrough we did while verifying the release candidate build earlier this week). I am curious if anyone is experiencing this more frequently than that?

Just started playing and this happened to me in a 2 player game. I was actually able to complete the map using Lunge as the other player dragged mobs to me to lunge to.

My “camera” character was stationary and dealt damage, seemingly having infinite mana and invulnerability, and this is the one that lunged. While my “mouse” character moved where I clicked, picked up gold and items, and took all the damage, but only within the boundaries of the camera character’s view. The other player could see both of these characters.

I haven’t seen this since it happened the first time.

It did happen to me several times today on my first online character. I was playing with a friend the whole time. It happened the first two times after entering a time rift and a third time after changing a zone. I also had several disconnects, whereas my friend did not have any of those problems. According to the ping display, we were playing on a US server, even though we are both from Europe.

In all of those cases, the camera was centered on the character that did not move. When changing the left thumb stick or my controller, the other character would run around without the camera changing. When I hopped through a portal to my friend, both characters would end up there, also changing the camera position - but that did not help.

My friend and I finished our playthrough of the campaign today. He experienced this bug 2 or 3 times. I made it all the way through without seeing it myself.

Ive figured out how to 100% avoid this from happening, which may lead to understanding WHY it happens.

It only ever seem to happen (frequently) in multiplayer games when I was the 2nd person to change zones.

Repeatable steps

First players clicks a zone exit to transfer to the new zone. They stand there for the currently delayed time. I click the zone exit while still seeing their character standing there waiting to even get to the loading screen. Doing this would result in a high chance of my character being duplicated when loading into the next zone.

To avoid this, I would watch the player move to the zone exit and wait, and when i saw their character completely disappear, THEN i would click the zone exit to go myself. I have not had the duplication issue doing this.

I think it may have something to do with a sync issue of the 2nd player loading faster than the first player or some kinda logic like that. Giving the first player to exit enough time to actually load into the new zone first seemed to completely avoid this bug.

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Hey there, as of today this is still occurring. Gadzooks has it right, if the other player waits there’s no issue that I can reproduce. Hopefully that gives the Devs a good direction, this is maybe the most irritating of the bugs I’ve been dealing with in multiplayer.

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