Dupe gold roll back server 2 days

Will there be a server rollback? This is quite a serious topic because the economy has been breaking down for the last 2 days, a person sold and withdrew a large amount of money on a well-known website, why aren’t you taking action? Why did you let the scammer make money and break the cycle economy? no need to delete this message. Roll back the server, it will be fair.

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What happened? What economy? And how do you know they aren´t taking action already?

Because this person has been selling billions of gold for 2 days already, the economy is already broken, lp 3 clothes from 100m, where will an ordinary person get such an amount?

Many people had more than that in EA before MG. With MG it’s not that hard, just sell stuff yourself. Lots of things can be sold for considerable amounts, especially idols.

LP3 uniques are supposed to be expensive. I doubt that happens because of RMT. It would happen regardless. The only difference RMT makes is that the person buying the gold can buy better gear.

And like @BattleCat said, how do you know they aren’t taking action? They’re banning RMTers/bots, they disabled family sharing because of this issue and are probably also banning RMT buyers. So I’d say they are aware of this and working on it.

Rolling back gold 2 days, not only would be really hard to accomplish, but it would also punish the vast VAST majority of players who have been collecting gold in a legit way.

As in PoE, RMT is a problem, but it’s one that doesn’t really affect the majority of players, which aren’t usually even aware of this (outside of chat spam).

here it’s not a matter of RMT, but a broken economy, they’ll fix it right away, here billions of gold have been pouring in for the 2nd day, in a week everything will only get worse, let’s take example d4. Then I don’t understand why they don’t take action, you can close the auction until the problem is resolved.

In the circle of fortune, there is no value in gold

you can play offline and then it won’t affect you, this game is primarily an MMORPG, if the admins don’t fix this game it will turn into d4.

Will it be fair to people that lose Gear they have turned into Legendaries?
Will it be fair to people that finally got a Boss Unique?
Will it be fair to CoF players?

So asking for rollbacks because of One Duper is an absolutely ridiculous request.


the only people this impact is merchant guild. I literally have no use for gold other than to buy stash tabs.

How do you know they have been selling billions?

Also, I have 138 million, are you calling me a freak?

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What you’re proposing is so unrealistic.

Let’s take 2 whole days of progress away from the normal playerbase because the other 1% has been naughty.
The outrage this will cause would be too much they don’t want that smoke.

I have a better one for you… let’s nerf Ward till it’s useless because 1% have been naughty and another 1% are annoyed about it.


Of course, it’s not like there’s a dg whose ultimate goal is LITERALLY to buy top items with gold…
Denying the problem doesn’t solve it, because of attitudes like this D3, D4, wolcen died and PoE ALMOST got lost.

You’re absolutely right about that, especially because the ONLY defense that works in the game is Ward, instead of nerfing it, they should make the other defenses as effective as they are.

There are lots of defenses that work just fine. Primalist has plenty of tanky builds that have 0 ward. Same as Sentinel. The issue with ward is just a few bugged interactions that allow a few builds to reach insane levels of corruption. But the other builds have nice defenses as well that allow them to push corruption pretty high. Just not 4 digit high. Which is as it should be.


no, it doesn’t. the top 100 primalists use ward builds. This game has OBVIOUS problems with defenses, they don’t work, the game is forming a ward meta or “nuke AOE long range” this is undeniable, just press L and you will see



The only primalist builds that use ward are LL builds. Those don’t use bugged interactions nor do they push 4 digit corruption. Those are fine. And there are still lots of tanky builds that don’t need ward. LL builds are just easier to gear up as long as you have the uniques for it.

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But they use wwwaaaaaaaaaarrrrdddd that clearly means thems is ebil & must beor deletzed!

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I have a Paladin, Rune Master, and now a Warlock that all use Ward. Come at me bro! I am so flavor of the month I should open a Baskin Robbins