Dungeons in 1.02 are broken

Dungeon bugs in 1.02.
I’ve only experienced it in Lightless Arbor and Soulfire Bastion. I imagine that bugs occurs in the third dungeon also.
Tested only T2 Lightless Arbor and T4 Soulfire Bastion.
-Entrance locations to the dungeons have much higher loading than before 1.02. I would say even 5x more time to load. During loading, the game seems to freeze and doesn’t response for a moment. Dungeons inside also takes some more time to load. The bug came with 1.02.
-Monsters inside dungeons are invisible, they are attacking player, they can be killed, but they are invisible. The bug came with 1.02.
-bosses are also invisible. The bug came with 1.02.
-After death, the player get disconnected from the game after clicking “respawn” button(this bug was before 1.02)

Screen of invisible monsters casting spells:

logs.zip (365.9 KB)

Would also mention about the tooltip bug for dungeon abilities that I accidentally screenshotted.
There is visible text box with message “No translation found for " in Abilities”

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