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Dungeon Reward Idea: Merging Idols

Hey all, I hope you are doing well!

I had another Idea for a new Dungeon / Dungeon Reward: Merging Idols.
The Idea is to provide short-term and long-term motiviation.

Problem / Need:
Everybody probably knows how hard it is aquire the perfect idols.
Or sometimes just the combinations one wants.

Adding the following reward / possibilites after a successful dungeon run:

One can merge five identical idols together to create one enhanced idol of the same kind.
An enhanced idol rolls up to 20% better than a normal one.
This way one can reuse the idols one might be farming already anyway.
This can help to create either a somewhat useful idol or an upgrade for already maxed out ones.
(Once per Dungeon run)

One can merge three idols of the same kind to create a new idol of the same kind.
Here the rolls of the idol depend on the merged ones. The prefix can only be one of the 3 provided ones and the suffix also.
(Once per Dungeon run)

Further Thoughts:
Should the enhanced idol also be 20% better in for the minimum values?


Completely off topic question here: Do you write a lot of emails?

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Hahaha, no, actually not.