Dungeon Doors can be bypassed, and bricks run

I was able to click around the dungeon door onto the blue mist in Soulfire Bastion, and load into the next level without opening the door which then when I found the next door lead to “LE-67 Dungeon Door is Already In Use” which bricked my next floor so I could not complete the dungeon.

Thank you for the report! If possible could you please send a gif of this bug happening as well as a player log and some more repro steps?

I just had the same problem, I just went up and suddenly I got errors on all doors “LE-67 dungeon door is already in use” Itried to go back and when I did that I got stuck outside of map in the wall and couldnt even moove anymore RIP

I don’t have a video of it happening, but I can give steps to reproduce.

  1. Walk up to the door, and open the menu to find out what the reward is.
  2. Click anywhere in the blue to initiate teleport.
  3. You are now on the next floor of the dungeon, without any additional modifiers, and you cannot progress any further.

I think you can also make it happen by simply using dash into the door, because that is what happened to me the first time, but I cannot say for certain.