Dungeon bug / desync (how to not lose keys ?)

Does someone have figured a way to minimize or workaround the bug where there is no door or way to continue in dungeons ? I call it desync but I have no idea if it’s accurate.

I’m losing all my keys (except one, I don’t how but I successfully completed on Temporal Sanctum (…and instantly wasted the opportunity do to something good with a Dreamthorn! hahahahah)), so anything helping me have better odds about it is welcomed. I tried lowering graphics, closing everything else on my computer (music, internet tabs, etc.), but nothing seems to work.

Just to be clear, the bug i’m talking about is when there is no way forward once in a dungeon. The room is not highlighting the door or stairs as it should. For Temporal sanctum, it’s often right at the start, down the first stairs when you switch timeline. For Soulfire, it’s usually toward the end, just before the boss and it’s the boss’s door that is just not clickable.

So any tips can help, I can’t wait to do dungeons. ^^

P.S. : My dreamthorn had 75% chance to be great but of course, it chose that juicy minion damage. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t mind, I have many more to ruin in stash tabs.

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