Dungeon Boss Door Bug Fix ETA?

Last patch was announced that the issue with starting dungeons was supposedly fixed.
However, the door to get into the boss fight still does not work a lot of the time.

I’ve tried running Soulfire Bastion 3 times and I keep getting the door bug at the end and can’t do the fight.

I have half a tab full of keys for dungeons that I can’t use because there is no point in running them if you can’t actually complete the dungeon and enter the boss room.

I just tried to run Soulfire and Lightless both and could not complete either—boss door definitely still bugged. Solo play and online, FYI.

Same thing here - Lightless last door to the boss is bugged still. Funny thing, after i ported out and back in, i was transported to the boss room, which was empty and no exit :smiley: :smiley:

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